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hello, I'm whitney

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about storytelling and the relationships that bind us. Growing up in a multi-generational household, I developed a deep appreciation for music, film, television, art, and culture beyond my own experience. Stories allowed me to travel to new places and offered a way to tap into the shared human experience.

A few years after graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Television-Radio-Film and Public Policy, I followed a calling back to Paris, France where I had previously studied abroad. Although I had truly immersed myself in the language and culture, completing a Master’s degree and working in the French language, there were certainly growing pains along the way. I understand what it’s like to search for like-minded people that truly understand your soul and ambitions across language and culture.

My mission with Two Story is to confront loneliness by facilitating meaningful connections for personal development and empowering individuals to tell their own multifaceted stories.

With Love,
Whitney Marin

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Creative Producer
Bilingual Media Professional

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked in casting for the series Chopped Junior, I produced two narrative shorts (All Over Now, See Through), two promotional shorts (SU Abroad’s South Africa Program, Sapne Sitaron Ke - Dreams of Stars), one documentary short (Je ne vois que ce que je crois), and an 8-episode bilingual podcast and web series (current). I’ve dedicated 4 years to working in factual and documentary television distribution with the European broadcaster, ARTE.

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Certified Human Connector

In 2023, I graduated from kontakt kollektiv’s Human Connector Academy, where I developed competencies as a skilled facilitator and mastered the art of creating bonds for greater understanding, collaboration, and positive change.

This experience birthed the first edition of Meet Your Match, a two-part workshop and gathering with a focus on personal development, relationship values, and meaningful connections.

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Experienced Community Builder

As a Customer Success professional, I’ve advised 100+ community managers on best practices for launching, nurturing, and sustaining digital communities with both online and offline activations in the education, non-profit, and commercial sectors.


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